Question about tray icons

I don’t know if the place to post this question would be in this area.
Some softwares have their icons not very well done in the systray (Windows language).
This is due to the software, and being for Linux and KDE and Gnome existing, the system developer has to program either for one modality or just making the .ico file (I don’t know if this is the extension) for 32bits, since resolves.

I can’t attach the URL to the print I made

Hi @dOwN_lOaD,

If the application doesn’t have a custom icon in your home directory, your DE falls back to the application’s own. Or, at least that’s my understanding.

Also, I almost think an icon can be any image format. Typically icon designers and builders use .svg for Linux, IIRC.

Custom icons can be found in:


Thank you, because there are some programs where the systray icon is a bit buggy

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Microsoft proprietary .ico file format is a container for .bmp or .png image files with multiple sizes and colour depths

Linux icons icons are usually single .png or .svg files

Most Icons are located in /usr/share/icons/ and ~/.local/share/icons/


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