Question about Switching between Active Applications

I have been trying to read up on a behavior I cannot find the origin of. Is it coming from Linux itself (I have never seen it before, let alone being talked about), from the Manjaro installation, from the Plasma edition I use, or is it already coming from Arch, or from someplace else?
Now, there is not something that is wrong with this thing, on the contrary, it’s an excellent idea, but I’d like to understand where this is coming from. If it really is documented, I’d like to find out where.
The thing I am talking about is the following:
If you have five or six applications running on the same desktop, switching between them can be confusing (since that application switcher was changed and removed way back), but what I’ve found is the keyboard combination Superkey+<integer>. The integer starts with 1 and goes up and as each number is entered you can switch between open applications. Furthermore, if you hit the same number a second time, it minimizes the application and hitting it yet again, it is restored.
For me, this is an excellent behavior and I congratulate the one thinking about this solution.
So, any idea from which part of the system this originates?
IMO, this behavior should be spread to all systems out there. 8)
Yes, I have tried searching the web and in the forum, but I’ve found nothing. Perhaps I didn’t use the correct search terms, but yeah, here we are.

That “Superkey”, commonly labeled with the Micro$@$ logo, is actually referred to as the Meta key :wink:
For the behaviour you explained see:

Try ALT+TAB, depending on your keyboard layout, the left and right tab keys might behave differently because they might be assigned to different functionality.

Okay, that’s why I didn’t find it. “Meta”. In Emacs I believe that’s usually the Alt key.
Yes, I knew about the Alt-Tab, it’s just that it doesn’t behave as smoothly as it used to with the old application switcher.

Thanks for the info. 8)

You can use different application switchers that provide different animations, if the animation is not smooth or to your liking…

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