Question about Manjaro and Upgrade

Crazy question.
So, this is a #non-technical-questions but I think it is, this is more like a curiosity than anything else.

I upgraded my system, when the upgrade came in, it was working fine. Sound was good mike was working just fine. It was rebooted and all that Jazz, machine was on excellent condition. even the mike was fine. Then today 30 mins ago, all of the sudden my machine’s sound system did not work. I rebooted the laptop and still now sound or mic was working. I did not change the kernel the machine did not do it for me in the upgrade either so it was using the last stable release that I was using. For some reason I had the brilliant idea to find if I can still upgrade the kernel to a later version and guess what, my sound came back.

Any reason for that to make sense to me would be greatly appreciated if you can explain it.

Thank you.

In linux (almost) all drivers are included in the kernel. A kernel update can bring driver enhancements or (if unlucky) regressions. That’s also why most suspected driver problems are greeted with the question “did you try with another kernel”.

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Also changing/upgrading can affect your modules and their rebuilding … and this can be augmented by packages/hooks you have …

pacman -Qs 'kernel-modules-hook|kernel-alive'

Thank you for the quick reply. :smiley:

Thank you. :smiley:

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