Question about Favorites in the Application Launcher

I’ve just reinstalled Manjaro Plasma (manjaro-kde-23…1.4-240406-linux66.iso) and I noticed I can’t drag and drop any launcher I want into the Favorites, such as custom scripts or executables that are portable, or not found in the ‘applications’ folder. (Also, I’d like to use the bottom taskbar as a launcher, not only an activity monitor for running programs. But I’ll just settle for figuring out how the ‘Favorites’ box works.) Shouldn’t it be possible to either drag and drop any application’s launcher into Favorites or otherwise manually edit a .config file for what appears in the Favorites box?

I realize Plasma 6 is in the works but I’m happy with any tips or a workaround for this.

I’m liking KDE Plasma though, thanks everybody.

KDE Plasma Version: 5.27.11
KDE Frameworks Version:5.115.0
Qt Version: 5.15.12

I presume you’re using the default Application Launcher style menu. As far as I’m aware, drag and drop isn’t available for that.

Instead, you should right-click an icon in your menu and choose ‘Add to favourites’. and likewise, when removing from Favourites 'Remove from favourites;.

Choosing ‘Pin to Task Manager’ will add the respective icon to the Task Manager. Plus, there’s ‘Add to Desktop’ and a few other options.

You might also enjoy discovering the various widgets available by right-clicking on either the Task bar or the desktop, and choosing ‘Add Widgets’.

I hope this helps. Cheers.

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I appreciate the response. I’ve been using KDE for a couple years but I notice a few changes since reinstalling my system with the latest .iso. I’ve been getting intermittent results in trying to pin things to favorites. Such as a .sh executable that does show up in the menu. It’s interesting to contemplate where the “nope” settings are so I can just go in and say “yep”

You should find them there somewhere; at least, whichever may be applicable. I recall making quick adjustments initially, but haven’t needed to change anything since. Nothing in relation to Favourites though, from memory. It’s possible to drag/drop a .desktop file directly to Favourites, after hovering briefly on the Manjaro menu launcher icon (bottom left), however, I’ve never tried that with a script file.

With, as you say, Plasma 6 in the works (very close, I’d guess), it’s probably not worth too much effort, as so much is likely to change (speaking generally).

Even though I have contributed in small ways, I’m yet to actually try KDE6 on real hardware. Most of what I know about it based on heresay, but from all reports it seems to be shaping up.


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There are two ways to add your files/folders to the panel and launch them from there:

  1. Drag and drop any file or folder from desktop (or dolphin) on any empty space between your widgets inside the panel.


  2. Add Quicklaunch widget to your panel or your desktop, then drag and drop any file/folder on top of it.



If you really wanted your script to appear inside Favorites launcher, then:

  1. Add a new entry for your script to the menu via KDE Menu Editor


  2. Then add that new entry to Favorites via launcher


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