Qtile Config Error

I have problems with my Qtile config. i just added autostart configuration and and got an error.
I aded this


import os

import re

import socket

import subprocess

from libqtile.config import KeyChord, Key, Screen, Group, Drag, Click

from libqtile.command import lazy

from libqtile import layout, bar, widget, hook

from libqtile.lazy import lazy

from typing import List # noqa: F401

def start_once():
home = os.path.expanduser(’~’)
subprocess.call([home + ‘/.config/qtile/autostart.sh’])

I dont know what is wrong.

did you fix this?

because im having the same issue and i dont know how i can fix it

Welcome to the forum :wave:

I’m not sure how to fix it but in I don’t see the error, just the config used?