QT6 and QT5 mixed install

I have two PC’s running Majaro with Plasma.

Recently Qt6 has adopted and the package updates have not reported errors.

But, both systems have a mix of Qt5 and Qt6 packages installed.

Recent versions one particular package AUR freecad-git have switched to Qt6. FreeCAD generally runs but, several areas seem to have issues. I realize the AUR version is the development version and is likely to be the culprit, but, is the Qt5/6 hybrid a possible contributor?

I highly doubt it. I also have both qt5 and qt6 packages installed:

$ pamac search --installed qt6 | wc --lines
$ pamac search --installed qt5 | wc --lines

And my stuff works flawlessly.

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You can install and use a QT5 application on Plasma 6, this is not an issue. Go back to your application previous version, if current version has issues.

plasma 6 ok but not qt6 ! we have qt6 in some applications since 2001

new freecad is for Qt6 but not for plasma 6

Hmm…maybe so.

qt6 was not in freecad until a week or so ago.

AFAIK, Qt6 was not on either of my Manjaro installs until the 800 or so package update a few days ago.

ok but it’s only you, we can view qt6-base history first version 6.0.0 → 1. déc. 08, 2020
And me, I’ve been using it for years
since plasma 6, kde use Qt6, so before we only had a few qt6 applications (not the official kde ones)

kde doesn’t write Qt; they use the QT6 library for plasma 6, which is already old and therefore well tested.

I don’t know what you don’t understand.

I understand, you don’t.

If I wanted to use the previous version I wouldn’t have been using freecad-git to begin with. I want to use the freecad-git version of FreeCAD.

It is understood that using the development version is likely to have issues. And, I’m trying to figure out what and where the issues are.

If it is a FreeCAD issue, then I will report it accordingly.

It may well be “only me”, I simply update Manjaro when the little red shield says there is an update.

If that doesn’t keep the system up to date, what does?

ok, with plasma 5 and plasma 6, we can use qt4,qt5,qt6 applications. the only problem will be the unrecognized or poorly supported theme

well be “only me”,

No, we all use different applications. Before plasma 6, official kde applications were for Qt5. For the others, the choice was between 4 and 6.
freecad is not a kde application (only use Qt), it could have switched to qt6 years ago, just as it can switch to qt6 in 5 years’ time…

Yes, they chose to update the dev version to qt6 before the next release.

Not surprising that that broke some things.

My question here is me trying to figure out if I have something in my installation that making it appear broken or if the AUR build has issues.

Ok, so where’s the problem? If that’s too much of an issue for you, stay on a stable release until the bugs are ironed out.

Or, you can contribute to making that -dev release stable (instead of just griping that

which will require some work on your end).

NB: if you’re not up to ditching crappy AUR helpers, and learning to use the native tools, do yourself (and others) a big favor and stay on a stable version.

Feeling frisky?:

Arch build system (and links from that page).

Learn about building packages in a clean chroot.

Then, go on a bug hunt.

The package freecad-git that you are trying to use is not officially distributed by any responsible party, it’s just an execution of a PKGBUILD file which downloads the source code directly from git repo and installs required dependencies then compiles the whole thing on your machine. This means that all changes made by contributors in that code are not tested nor validated by FreeCAD QA devs.

Manjaro/Arch only provides the official version 0.21.2 via freecad package.

So any error you encounter after attempting to install any package named *-git is your own problem.


Thanks for all the replies.