QT5 windows not centered using X11 but using wayland correct

(Example) QJournalctl (extra) in Gnome unstable.
First start on X11 desktop: opens the window at the top left.
Second start opens window centered.
Mutter is set to open new windows “centered”.
Using wayland, Qjournalctl window always starts centered.

Hello @GaVenga :wink:

Reason: GTK/QT doesn’t hold any coordinate values, so it is top left (0,0), only when the developer implement it. If X11/WM hints coordinates, GTK/QT will use it. Wayland doesn’t have a “memory” for coordinates and doesn’t remember previous positions. It is the job of the WM (here Mutter) to provide that, therefore this option is only for Wayland.

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