Qt5 applications do not render properly

qt5 applications look like this

https ://ibb.co/7g92HgP
https ://ibb.co/6Pd6t3q
(i dont have permission to post links)

i tried to log in with another user and the applications look fine there.
i think this a problem with my configuration but i don’t know where to change it


Moved to #desktop-environments:Gnome as is not a #support:general issue.
Please make sure you use Kvantum as Qt5 decoration and not gtk2. Probably the Qt5Settings is set to it and some gtk2 themes do not render properly …

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There was a thread on the old forum with many recommendations to give a good look at Qt apps under Gnome, but I think it has been lost.

You have to install Kvantum, choose a theme, then set



as global environment variables at startup.

Maybe there were also other things, but I don’t remember now.