QT5 Application visual bugs (document viewer deepin-reader)

I’m experiencing some visual bugs with a qt5 application that I hoped could be fixed with some help when installing additional packages or implementing a similar fix. It’s an application whose functionality I learned to love using another distro. Unfortunately from all the alternative applications offered there is no substitute for it so far. The use case is a document viewer application which can open documents in tabs and has a list of results when using the search function (From the best I’ve found Okular has no Search Result List, Evince has no Tabs). So deepin-reader would be my choice but the visual bugs are to heavy for normal use. It is available as a normal community package. I add a Screenshot with some of the bugs and missing icons marked.

Have you tried changing the Style setting in Qt5 settings (Qt5 Configuration Tool)? You can run from terminal by typing qt5ct. My qt applications look better now when I changed style to “Fusion”. I think it had been set to “gtk2”

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Hello, thanks for the suggestion. Tried it, unfortunately it didn’t help. But good and hopeful shot tho :smiley:

The menus etc. in the deepin-reader app look really “deepin-desktop-environment-like” so it’s not only qt5 that is the problem is guess.

The development and issue list that is being addressed by the Okular developers looks very promising. It could do the work with the next release. For the time being and when no solution appears I’ll either use the bugged deepin reader oder a mix of applications. Have a good day

I noticed that some of your annotations are about icons.

Can you try downgrading kiconthemes to 5.79 and see if that fixes it?