Qt5/6 Settings crashes for font GTK3 selection dialogue

Qt5/6 Settings crashes, if I switch to the “Fonts” tab and click the “…” button to select a font. There is this old post that asked about the same thing. The marked solution was setting export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME='gnome' in the zshrc, but that did not work. It only worked when I executed export QT_QPA_PLATFORMTHEME='gnome' in the terminal and then run it with qt5ct. But it showed that the configuration is not correct warning panel at the top.

After some trying, I have found that I can make it not crash by changing the “Standard dialogues” value from “GTK3” to “Default” (and restart the configuration tool).

But why does the tool crash if the dialogue is set to GTK3"? Is this a bug or because some component is missing? In either case, shouldn’t this be fixed?

That should be defined in /etc/environment for all users or ~/.profile per user. No export is needed except when running from the terminal (or putting it in the wrong place like .zshrc).

If you open Qt5 Settings, you’ll see a banner across the top if it’s not setup correctly. Click the Information button and it’ll tell you what the proper value is for the aforementioned variable. :wink: