QT window redraw errors continue

My fully up-to-date Manjaro Plasma Wayland pc (kernel 6.1.67 lts) stills has these redraw problems. See image in the linked post:

Continuing the discussion from Calibre rendering issues in Wayland:

This is not only Calibre, also with Transmission. (Replies in the nature of “I don’t have problems with this” do not help).

I remember from some other issues that only a few people recognized, the solution was to delete some configuration files. Thereby forcing the system to re-create that configuration.

My question is: which files probably somewhere in the Home directory would be candidate for this?


If an application has issues - this is a task for the developer(s) of said application.

Manjaro does not fix upstream issues - so better file a bug report with the relevant source.

Most configuration files reside in ~/.config/<application-name>

If there is a general problem it may be a GPU issue - e.g. shared memory.

Such memory issues may stem from a flaky memory module and that can be hard to pin down.

They do, because if numerous other users don’t have an issue then it indicates that the problem is something specific to your system.

Create a new user and login on that. Can you replicate the issue there?

NO - The problem is with your user configuration. If you have a custom theme that is the #1 suspect. See also https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/KDE#Configuration_related

YES - Post output of inxi -Fazy so people trying to help can see details of your system


Thanks for the link to the arch wiki. maybe HiDPI - ArchWiki.
Added these variables to the environment:

again, so far so good.