Qt Creator examples missing

I installed the package “qtcreator” from “Official Repositories (extra)”.
When installing, there was a prompt to choose optional dependencies, among which I selected “qt6 examples”.

These are the two packages shown as installed in Pamac:

Now I’ve opened Qt Creator and clicked on Examples, but there seems to be none:

Is the package not packaged correctly, or am I missing something?

You will find the examples under /usr/share/doc/qt6/examples. :point_down:

Ok but why are they not installed where Qt Creator expects to find them?

I don’t know where qtcreator expects to find them — I’ve nerver actually used it, but I have it installed in case I ever get motivated enough to learn more about developing something with qt. :man_shrugging:

It was probably a packaging decision. They are two separate packages, and we take those over verbatim from Arch without any modifications at our end.

sudo pacman -S qt6-examples

Thanks @medmedin !

The fact that one needs to do that manually, is it QtCreator’s fault, the qtcreator package’s, or the qt-examples package’s?

Qt Creator needs qmake which is currently set for qt5, but qt6 requires /usr/lib/qt6/bin/qmake which is accessed via link /usr/bin/qmake6.

Qt Creator can create/debug/compile different projects that target different qt versions, so it’s the user responsibility to understand the difference and set the right configuration inside settings UI.



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