QT apps broken after update and guide doesn't help

I’ve been a long time user of qt5-styleplugins to get a consistent look across applications. I am aware that some time ago this package moved into AUR as it’s no longer officially supported. Every other update thus far I’ve been lucky and there’s been an update for it at the same time I’ve done a full system update so a general AUR update has reinstalled and fixed it. This time there’s no update for the package though so I search your guides and come across this guide on how to fix it.

Sorry to say but those instructions do not work!

$ pacman build qt5-styleplugins
warning: config file /etc/pacman.conf, line 37: directive 'TotalDownload' in section 'options' not recognised.
error: no operation specified (use -h for help)

I use yay to manage AUR and running yay qt5-styleplugins does reinstall and fix the issue so I need no help to get my system running but as the guide didn’t work to fix it I feel it should be checked and edited as necessary.

You read wrong. :point_down:

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Thanks. Too late to confirm it works this time but I appreciate you pointing out my error.

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