Qpwgraph keeps forgetting some connections to Bitwig using pipewire-jack

Hello guys, how are you?
First, I’m not sure I’m posting in the correct subforum, if not please forgive me and please direct me to the appropriate one.

So, I use Bitwig on Manjaro GNOME and while everything seems to be working great, I’m a huge NOOB.
Today when I turned the PC back up, after using everything normally yesterday, Bitwig said something about not being able to connect to jack, and QJackCtl stopped responding.
Then I stopped Qjack from starting at boot, and fixed everything on qpwgraph, I can now even use the Loopback funcion on my MOTU m4!!!

But, it seems with a restart the connections get lost, even after saving the file.

Do you guys have any idea what could be happening or any help you guys could give me?


Ok, so, I’ve been messing with things and figured with every restart Manjaro changes my main output.
So, if I change it back to my audio interface, it works.

But it always changes after a restart.
Is there a way to force a main output?