QML 'Errors' in Journal

Can anyone explain to me what this means?

Aug 21 16:16:15 daphne kwin_rules_dialog[2089]: qml: Don’t override the leftPadding or rightPadding on a SwipeListItem!
This makes it impossible for me to adjust my layout as I need to for various usecases.
I’ll try to fix the mistake for you, but you should remove your overrides from your app’s code entirely.
If I can’t fix the paddings, I’ll fall back to a default layout, but it’ll be slightly incorrect and lacks
adaptations needed for touch screens and right-to-left languages, among other things.

Is part of the Kirigami2 API comments in the code that you can see here:

Is meant to have more meaning for those involved directly in that project, the coders …

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OK, thanks. I will ignore it.