QGIS not launching


I recently did a clean install of Manjaro with XFCE because Cinnamon was crashing my video driver frequently. I use QGIS regularly for work, and it was working initially, but now qgis will not launch, and will not even register a process when I attempt to launch it. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and clearing the cache between installations, as well as reinstalling all the qgis dependencies, and I have had no luck. I have also tried several different I managed to find someone who asked just this on the forums, but the post is private and I was not able to find it later.

¿Anybody know what I can do as next steps to figure out what the problem is?

Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

With the disclaimer that I’m not familiar with that application, have you tried starting the application from a terminal window? That should provide for at least some verbosity.

Yes, terminal output will help :slight_smile:
First guess: something is wrong with QGis finding its python support.
Secong guess: something is wrong with a plugin (and python). Try to start from terminal with qgis --noplugins