QGIS 3.28 - Can't See Pull Down Menu Text

Hey All,

I hope everyone is doing well. I am running the Candidate Release of QGIS 3.28, not by choice. The menu pull down text is not visible at all (see video pic). There must be an easy way to change the text color back to white.

Please let me know if I need to take this back to the QGIS community.



You did not specify where you installed it from. 3.28 is the version in the official Manjaro repo, but if this is a Snap or FlatPak, then you should know that those are containerized applications that do not integrate with the rest of the system.

On the other event, change your Qt theme. I’m not using XFCE, so I don’t know how to do this in your desktop environment, but I suspect there would be some section for it in the System Settings.

Just tried here: no issues with that. Maybe it is a matter of theming? I am using “Fusion” style with default theme.

Edit: installed from the official repos and running on KDE Plasma.

Yes, the official community repo.

I have tried all the other styles, closed app, reopen, and reverts back to same Fusion with low visibility.



Quick Update.

I opened QGIS on my small laptop running Garuda Linux (Arch) and all text colors look good in Night mode. I will send update after I replace my graphics card.


The Final release of 3.28 has resolved my issue. Thanks again everyone!!

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