Qgis 3.22.3-1 => Qgis 3.24 to enable GRASS 8 processing tools in Qgis

I have an up-to-date manjaro kde , with the Qgis 3.22.1-3 from the community repository.
I have also a working install of GRASS 8.1.dev, a major release recently published.

However, the version of Qgis from the community repository does not support GRASS 8 processing tools, since the Qgis GRASS provider only considers up to GRASS 7.

I’ve presented the case on Qgis git page, where I’ve been told to update my Qgis installation, since this commit have brought support for GRASS 8 in Qgis.

Qgis 3.24 has just been released.

It would be great to update the Manjaro community Qgis package.

qgis is imported from Arch

Both testing and unstable have 3.24. So either switch branches or wait till it hits stable.


Manjaro - Branch Compare

Switching Branches - Manjaro

I changed branch, as suggested, from stable to unstable, using the recommended steps.

I had warnings about possibly missing firmware, and about some missing kernel module headers. Is there a log I can find ?
I rebooted anyway.

Qgis is now on version 3.24, and GRASS 8 appears in the processing toolbox.

I have switched back to stable.

It seems you don’t read #announcements and/or weren’t up to date on the stable branch to begin with.

See also Manjaro - Branch Compare and Manjaro - Fresh & Stable.

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