Qemu-system-aarch64 emulate manjaro arm image

I have checked many tutorials and some ask to download kernel and dtb files from github for arm. Some asks us to extract from .img file. Tried both and failed because they are old tutorials. Found tutorial linked in below comments with simple instructions but its for ubuntu. Please share any new or working guide that you have tried to emulate manjaro arm. I have 32bit raspberrypios installed so cant migrate to 64 bit so need to reset. So anyway I thought would try manjaro and setup all dockers and then export that .img and flash on sdcard. But stuck on this.If you have tried you can provide steps to follow so I can try on my end. Graphical or no-graphics as long as resulting .img can be flashed on sdcard and works later

Sorry cant include link not sure how to share that

Why not just boot up the Raspberry Pi with the OS you want and just set up docker on the installed system?

There’s no need to make it extra complicated by setting it all up in a VM first, then make an image and then flash that image.

My home server, is a Raspberry Pi 4, running Manjaro ARM, with a bunch of docker containers.