[qemu] not able to start VMs after update 2022/12/06

Hey community,

I am not sure if someone else have this issue w/ kvm.

I can’t use my VMs after updating my System.

I tried to downgrade the qemu-* packages but the issue is still present.

My last thought is that this is a Kernel bug on 5.15.81 and 6.0.11?


I do not use QEMU.

Try to downgrade to the old kernel 5.15 LTS or 6.0.10 when they exist in pacman cache.

Will try and report if this helps

I have seen others report something similar.

Their solution was to create a new machine
and then to re-import the disk image from the defunct one into the new machine.

Seems a bit silly but seemed to work for them.

No idea what the reason was.

I also had one of my VM’s not working anymore
with the very same symptom -
but since it was for testing only and I wanted to use Bios instead of UEFI anyway
I just deleted it and created a new one - so I don’t know whether what I described will work.

Thanks another solution I can try later afternoon

Both things aren’t solve my issue :confused:
Downgrade Kernel doesn’t help.
Import VM as well unbootable state w/ startup.nsh (or I don’t know how to use it)

And can’t identify what triggers this issue because journalctl and dmesg shows nothing related to it.

Clone VMs was the solution :white_check_mark:

Before you throw the old VM away: what’s the difference to the cloned one?

It appears that the latest edk2-ovmf changed the way that firmware auto-selection functions. I was able to get a VM to boot by editing the XML file as described in the following Arch Linux bugtracker post.


Thanks for finding and sharing that!
It was a mystery to me, into which I did not want to invest too much time to solve, so I simply ditched the whole VM to which this happened.

Ah yes, that’s the difference between the clone one. There was a NVRAM.
The cloned Manjaro VM was working.

But the Kali (Debian) one not, have reinstalled this one. Because there was no user data on it.

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