QEMU/KVM/Libvirt Unable to make (internal) snapshots


I’ve been using Manjaro (Cinnamon) for about a month now and last week I wanted to get a Windows 10 Virtual Machine up and running. With VirtualBox I got it working as intended, but I was recommended trying out QEMU/KVM + Virt-manager because of improved performance and less potential issues with future kernel upgrades.

I checked out the ArchWiki on Libvirt and Virt-manager and used the following terminal commands to install QEMU/KVM and Virt-manager:

sudo pamac install libvirt virt-manager qemu-desktop
sudo systemctl enable --now libvirtd.service
sudo usermod -a -G libvirt $USER

After this I’m able to run virt-manager and configure a new virtual machine.
However, if I try to create a new (internal) snapshot of the running machine I get the following error:

Error creating snapshot: Operation not supported: internal snapshots of a VM with pflash based firmware are not supported

After some searching I landed on this (older) libvirt issue:

‘Upgrading libvirt from 9.1.0 to 9.2.0 breaks creating a new internal snapshot’

Can anyone verify if this is still an ongoing issue with libvirt version 10.x? Is downgrading libvirt still the solution?

Thank you in advance.

Snapshots don’t work if you use UEFI.

That’s a serious limitation as basically all systems are uefi based these days.
As long this remains an issue with libvirt, I guess I’ll stick with VirtualBox that does snapshots fine with uefi based VM’s.

Well… :man_shrugging:

By the way, they work if you shutdown the VM.

Not VMs. The default for a VM in libvirt is still traditional bios.

If one wants to install Windows 11 - there is an annoying requirement of Secure Boot which implies EFI firmware.

It’s fine, I’ll keep an eye on future developments on QEMU/KVM and hope for proper snapshot support with UEFI.

For now I’ll stick to VirtualBox.

Thanks all

in case it was missed - it seemed that way to me …

Snapshots work fine - UEFI or not.
Just not from a currently running VM.
Not a problem when it is shut down.

I prefer qemu for my needs, and nothing is stopping you from using filesystem snapshots on live guests. Proxmox is also very popular.

Virtualbox is last on my list. Better GUI? I can’t think of any other benefits. Oracle has destroyed many things I used to love.

This issue ticket was created by me 1 year ago. This described that creating an offline snapshot did not work when VM was in offline mode. This issue was already fixed.
As far as I know, my issue ticket is not related to your problem here. I am pretty sure,VM with BIOS legacy (Non-UEFI) allows you to create an live snapshot.

I remember that there is a bug in VirtualBox when creating many live snapshots that could lead to data corruption detected by Btrfs inside VirtualBox .

In my opinion, creating a live snapshot is a bit of an exaggeration, as all the data processing from the virtual RAM is stored on a physical hard disk.
The creation of an offline snapshot is recommended for stability reasons.