Qemu dependency blues

I am trying to remove qemu. There are many qemu related applications, many depend on each other and refuse to go away. How can I remove all unique qemu applications without breaking the system?

They were most likely all installed as dependencies. Do you still have something that requires them?

pacman -Qi qemu-desktop | grep 'Required By'

No, that is gone / was not found.

What qemu packages do you still have installed?

pacman -Qs qemu

Either way, they’re probably orphans.

Yes, they seem to be:

pamac remove -o
Checking dependencies...

To remove (59):
  gtk-vnc                            1.3.1-1                                                 extra
  libvirt-glib                       4.0.0-2                                                 community
  qemu-ui-dbus                       7.1.0-10                                                extra
  virt-install                       4.1.0-1                                                 community
  libvirt-python                     1:8.8.0-1   (Orphan Of: virt-install)                   community
  cpio                               2.13-2      (Orphan Of: virt-install)                   extra
  qemu-virtiofsd                     7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-ui-egl-headless               7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-hw-display-virtio-gpu         7.1.0-10                                                extra
  alsa-card-profiles                 1:0.3.59-2                                              extra
  qemu-audio-sdl                     7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-ui-curses                     7.1.0-10                                                extra
  python-importlib-metadata          5.0.0-1                                                 community
  python-zipp                        3.10.0-1    (Orphan Of: python-importlib-metadata)      community
  geocode-glib                       3.26.4-1                                                extra
  qemu-pr-helper                     7.1.0-10                                                extra
  multipath-tools                    0.9.2-2     (Orphan Of: qemu-pr-helper)                 community
  gtest                              1.12.1-1                                                community
  qemu-block-curl                    7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-hw-usb-redirect               7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-hw-usb-smartcard              7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-hw-display-virtio-gpu-pci-gl  7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-system-x86-firmware           7.1.0-10    (Orphan Of: qemu-system-x86)                extra
  qemu-img                           7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-audio-spice                   7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-hw-display-qxl                7.1.0-10                                                extra
  qemu-common                        7.1.0-10    (Orphan Of: qemu-audio-sdl)                 extra
  sdl2_image                         2.6.2-2     (Orphan Of: qemu-ui-sdl)                    extra

Total removed size: 202,1 MB


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