Qca9377 / X96 Air bluetooth problems

It was pretty much exactly a year ago I managed to get the bluetooth working on my X96 Air Q1000 using the kernel and dtb that I uploaded here:

GitHub - danboid/meson-sm1-sei610-qca9377-bt

I have failed to get the QCA9377 bluetooth working under the latest Manjaro but using my old 5.12 kernel (see the github link) and dtb which got my X96 Air BT working back in May of last year. I’ve also tried downgrading bluez and bluez-utils to 5.50, 5.57, and 5.58 which were some potential current versions circa Easter '21 by installing the relevant aarch64 packages from here:


The main error I’m getting, which gets printed at login is:

Bluetooth: hci0: Frame reassembly failed (-84)

Maybe Manjaro was using an older version bluez one year ago? I don’t think we’ve got any way to find out which exact version of bluez was in use. I’ll have to try an earlier version.

I have got a USB BT adapter I can use instead but I’d like to spare myself a USB port if I can but if someone else has got this chipset working on a similar TV box under the latest Manjaro I’d like to know how.

This might help

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Goos suggestion @bogdancovaciu but it hasn’t fixed my error unfortunately.

I now have working bluetooth (and wifi, ethernet etc) again on my X96 Air Q1000 and my X96 Max Plus Q2 with the meson-g12a-x96-max-plus-q2.dtb uploaded here ( GitHub - danboid/meson-sm1-sei610-qca9377-bt ) but the onboard bluetooth only works under Armbian s9xxx, the bluetooth doesn’t work when using the same dtb under Manjaro ARM with the 5.17.4 linux-odroid kernel which suggests to me something is likely off with bluez under Manjaro.

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I’ve updated that repo with the compatibility notes:

You can get working onboard bluetooth for the X96 Air Q1000 and X96 Max Plus Q2 TV boxes by using meson-g12a-x96-max-plus-q2.dtb with a 5.15.x+ kernel running under one of the S905X3 builds of s9xxx Armbian. This dtb has most recently been tested with the Linux 5.15.45-flippy-73 kernel.

meson-g12a-x96-max-plus-q2.dtb doesn’t have working onboard ethernet when used with the Armbian 5.10.x kernels but WiFi and bluetooth both work with the Linux 5.10.120-flippy kernel.

Ophub doesn’t seem keen on adding my custom dtb to s9xxx Armbian in its current state, which is totally their call as it is a total hack.

I re-based my patch upon the H96 Max dtb that comes with ophubs kernel and created a new dtb meson-sm1-x96-max-plus-q2.dtb which is now included as an option in the latest armbian s9xxx installer.

meson-sm1-x96-max-plus-q2.dtb brings working bluetooth, wifi and gigabit ethernet to users of the X96 Max Plus Q2 and X96 Air Q1000 TV boxes.

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