Qbittorrent showing some screen tearing

I have recently installed qbittorrent on my pc but it’s showing some screen tearing. What to do?
I have Nvidia graphics driver on my pc.

DE? Theme? (QT engine/theme?)

I am using Manjaro Gnome with Matcha-Dark-Sea as shell and application theme.

But … Gnome (and that theme) are GTK.
qbittorrent is QT.
How have you set QT theming ?

No… actually am a new user so don’t know that much. How do I set a qt theme in gnome?

With Kvantum Manager and a Kvantum theme that matches your GTK theme like kvantum-theme-matcha:

pamac install kvantum-qt5 kvantum-theme-matcha

I applied the theme on kvantum but it still didn’t solve the problem. Do I have to do something else?

I don’t know Gnome so I can’t tell you where to configure stuff within Gnome, but for me the rule is to disable Gnome’s built-in Vsync settings if any, and enable Full Composition Pipeline in the Advanced Settings of your Nvidia X server settings like I described here Possible solution for Tearing (Nvidia proprietary) and make sure to write the settings to the Nvidia X config file and reboot.

//EDIT: but I’m not even sure why you said you had screen tearing, because your image doesn’t show that, it shows a messed up interface.

I actually thought it was screen tearing. I really don’t know what is happening. The strange thing is that it’s only messed up for qbittorrent and no other app or interface.