qBittorrent problems

In Manjaro GNOME qBittorrent feels buggy, some fonts are cut and too close to each other, when i try to click something in the toolbar it double clicks.

Might be because of the switch to Qt 6 with qBittorrent 4.4.2? :person_shrugging:

I know the Windows version lets you choose if you want to use Qt 5 or 6.

EDIT: Your screenshot blows my mind! I thought this entire time we only used bittorrent to seed those “glorious Linux ISOs”. :smirk:

Open Qt6 Settings and try a few different options for Toolbar button style on the Interface tab. Perhaps also try different fonts from the Fonts tab.

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Oops, i got discovered

The fonts were fixed, but when i click Tools (Ferramentas) it double clicks instead

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