Qbittorrent needs an optional qt6-wayland dependency

On wayland, I’ve had to install qt6-wayland separately to get qbittorrent to show up on screen and run. I suggest this should be an optional dependency, much like xorg-xhost is an optional dependency for Gparted on wayland.


qt6-wayland is already an optional dependency for qt6-base (which qbittorrent depends on) to run Qt6 applications in a Wayland session. Those running a Xorg session do not need it.

But I never installed qt6-base explicitly, so I didn’t get to see the option. Pamac installed qt6-base along with qbittorrent, and I was left to guess. I know Xorg users don’t need it, but I think xorg-xhost is optional for wayland only in Gparted.

My 2 cents.