Python2-pyxdg update from 0.27-1 to 0.27-2 not run

i have trouble with this python2-pyxdg from 0.27-1 to 0.27-2 update.

i get this message:
“Der PGP-Schlüssel 58B277C0D208F7AC460C07C84548B3A8C0D70C12 wird benötigt, um python2-nose Quellcode-Dateien zu verifizieren.
Vertraue John Szakmeister und importiere den PGP Schlüssel ?” Translated:
The PGP key 58B277C0D208F7AC460C07C84548B3A8C0D70C12 is required to verify python2-nose source code files.
Trust John Szakmeister and import the PGP key ?

Whats wrong here ?
Can i trust this John Szakmeister?

Thank you

Python 2 is EOL since a long time. Why do you need it?

As it is the AUR, you personally must decide if you trust the maintainer.