Python2 building error

I am trying to install Toon Boom Harmony in Manjaro Gnome. According to its official website, I thought I would need ‘yum’. So, I am trying to install it from pamac manager and it takes too long in this step.

OK (skipped=1)
0:05:47 load avg: 3.46 [366/395] test_urllibnet
testURLread (test.test_urllibnet.URLTimeoutTest) ... ERROR
test_bad_address (test.test_urllibnet.urlopenNetworkTests) ... ok

Please read the page you linked.

Python2 was end of life 3years ago and is unsupported on Manjaro.

yum is the package manager of Fedora and Redhat - won’t work on Manjaro.

An whiptail is likely present on your system.

which whiptail

No, you don’t need it.
Also is an AUR package and a discussion in the AUR page about how to successfully install it is there for all to see AUR (en) - yum

Since Toon Boom Harmony is a commercial software, based on subscription fee, you should contact their help desk for any issue you have with it.

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yep! I also tried installing from there but I got the same error.

Ahh! I see. Thanks man.

yes I have whiptail

It is in:


Then you have the basic in place - now follow instructions on the web pade you linked.

And bear in mind - as @bogdancovaciu already mentioned - help and support is povided by the publisher of the application.

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