Python virtual env not showing in ohmyzsh

hello , while customizing my Manjaro KDE plasma i installed zsh shell and ohmyzsh config as the theme, i choose to go with agnostar theme over to robbyrussle ,and after that python virual env name is not showing ,when ever i type source env/bin/activate . I want that prompt working againg what should i have to do.
In zsh i have a very nice theme which i like with that setting but not like that it’s not showing the virtual env names , please tell me a config option that turns on the virtual env names .
It sometimes messing up while installing packages because i sometimes download packages which i donot want in my main python system.

From what I can quickly find, that theme does not make use of $(virtualenv_prompt_info)
So … you can either fix that by editing the theme (on beginning of line PROMPT), or you will need to remove the plugin virtualenv (this will allow it to revert to a simpler script that should work over the plugin)

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yeah i worked a bit and figure out what went wrong there thanks for the kind help