Pygame RuntimeError: SDL compiled with version 2.24.0, linked to 2.26.0


Pygame doesn’t work again. I believe, (at least) this version should be used in the package

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That package is inherited from Arch linux and was already flagged as out of date Arch Linux - python-pygame 2.1.2-2 (x86_64)
But i doubt there will be the development version added …
On Manjaro, once the new version is available on Arch, will reach unstable branch, then testing and then stable branch at some other time.

No, it shouldn’t. Notice it’s tagged as a Pre-release. 2.1.2 is still the latest Release.

It never should have been. The Maintainer is obviously ignoring it. Now a bug report cannot be filed for the current version per the rules:

Please read this before reporting a bug:
Bug reporting guidelines - ArchWiki

Do NOT report bugs when a package is just outdated, or it is in the AUR. Use the β€˜flag out of date’ link on the package page, or the Mailing List.


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Someone had a quick triggerfinger on that one …

As other people said, the pre-release 2.1.3 isn’t needed. The 2.1.2 version is good enough.

The issue is with the binary package. Pygame has some C files that are compiled against SDL, and thus they need to be recompiled for the new SDL version.

Fortunately, this strict version check has been relaxed and should be available on the next pygame release. Maybe, for convenience, this commit could be back-ported and applied to the pygame package in Arch/Manjaro?