Pwmconfig and nct6687 not working correctly


I want to use fancontrol to control one of my case fan (4 pins) with gpu temp. So I used the fancontrol doc and ran “pwmconfig” as sudo. All my pwm controls show an error “permission denied”.

I’ve searched and read that I needed to change the root permission on those files to “read / write” (not the best thing to do but I was testing). “pwmconfig” then didn’t gave me errors but when attempting to control the fans, I heard or saw no change on my fan speed. So I changed back the permissions.

Another topic suggested to install the nct6687d package from the AUR because the nct6683 module loaded by the kernel doesn’t support well the nct6687. So I did that but I have the following error when installing : “Unable to install module nct6687d-dkms-git/r18.24f3a0f for kernel *: Missing kernel headers.”.

And that’s where I am. I don’t want to test blindly stuff and mess up so I’m here asking your help.

Thanks for reading.

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Depending on what kernel you’re running ─ I’m assuming 5.14 at this point, but adapt the following to your situation ─ you must install the pertinent header package. :arrow_down:

pamac install linux514-headers

Dang that was so simple. I feel dumb. I played a little bit with pwmconfig and now everything work fine. Thanks !

Edit : One last question : I want fancontrol to start at boot. So I used

sudo systemctl enable fancontrol.service

But that doesn’t work. If I use --now it starts fancontrol so I assume that the command is good. Also when I type :

sudo systemctl is-enabled fancontrol.service

It returns “enabled”

Edit 2 :

The log shows that my “hwmon3” (witch is my GPU) has changed but i’m sure it hasn’t since I can run fancontrol in the terminal right after the system boot.

sept. 27 21:55:02 thannyo-ms7c95 fancontrol[552]: Device path of hwmon3 has changed
sept. 27 21:55:03 thannyo-ms7c95 fancontrol[552]: Device name of hwmon3 has changed
sept. 27 21:55:03 thannyo-ms7c95 fancontrol[552]: Configuration appears to be outdated, please run pwmconfig again
sept. 27 21:55:03 thannyo-ms7c95 systemd[1]: fancontrol.service: Main process exited, code=exited, status=1/FAILURE
sept. 27 21:55:03 thannyo-ms7c95 systemd[1]: fancontrol.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

Edit 3 :

Problem solved. I used “/etc/modules-load.d/modules.conf” to load the modules in the right order.

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