Puppet5 package issue

Manjaro is great. I have been using it for several years on both an older laptop and my primary desktop. I use Puppet to maintain the configuration of a server and multiple desktops on my LAN. Unfortunately the 5.5.22-2 version of the puppet5 package has a serious issue. It is not compatible with the version of Ruby/RubyGems that it installs as a dependency. Any attempt to run the puppet agent results in the error: NoMethodError: undefined method ``escape' for URI:Module. A search based on this error will reveal that this method was removed from the 3.x version of Ruby that the 5.5.22-2 version of puppet5 installs. I was able to revert to version 5.5.22-1 of the puppet5 package (and its dependencies) which use Ruby/RubyGems 2.x with success but my question is will there be a update to the puppet5 package that resolves this issue?

puppet5 5.5.22-2 was built against Ruby 3.0.0 and 5.5.22-3 (available in our testing and unstable repos) was rebuilt against ruby27.

Sounds like the 5.5.22-3 package will resolve the issue so I will anticipate the availability of that package in the stable branch soon - hopefully! Thanks for the quick reply.