Pulseaudio, rtkit-daemon and a mass of logging entries in the journal

after listening an audio file on my xfce desktop, the journal shows very too much entries (up to 3 per second) like:

rtkit-daemon[1647]: Supervising 9 threads of 4 processes of 1 users.

Can I kill that process?
Can I configure something to avoid that messages?

Thank you in advance

What about the methods suggested in https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/…y-processes.

In short create a service that sets a higher loglevel:

cat /etc/systemd/system/rtkit-daemon.service.d/override.conf 

Thank you for the link and your tip. It does not help for me, if I use that file under /etc/ (or I was confused). But it helps to set the file


So I am happy now!

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