PulseAudio Menu Slow on Startup

This issue is by no means an experience ruiner, but it is a slight annoyance every time I startup my computer. I started using Manjaro KDE Plasma about a year ago now and I have always had this issue where the PulseAudio menu in the system tray takes a long time to load the first time I open it after boot. It doesn’t matter how long my computer has been turned on, if I haven’t opened the menu yet, it takes abnormally long to render. I suspect that after the first time it opens, the gui is saved to memory and is able to be quickly loaded later on. Is there a way to automatically load the gui on startup so that I don’t have to wait? I regularly switch audio devices throughout the day, so I use this menu quite a lot.

Maybe it tries to connect to the pulseaudio server which might not be started already?

systemctl enable --user pulseaudio.service should do this. (Without any guarantee.)

You could also try running it from the terminal and look for error messages.

Or another choice could be switching to pipewire (pamac install manjaro-pipewire) , which might not help if the actual GUI is “broken”.

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I suggest check pulseaudio.service and pulseaudio.socket to see if there is any problem

systemctl --user -l --no-pager status pulseaudio.{socket,service}

pulseaudio.service is controlled by pulseaudio.socket, not a standalone service
pulseaudio.socket should be enabled and active (running)
pulseaudio.service should be disabled and active (running)

Time stamps for journal messages might show if PulseAudio start is delayed. If there is no delay stating PulseAudio server, issue may just be with pa-applet panel control or KDE audio settings GUI

If the issue has existed for many months and audio devices are adjusted on a daily basis, it may help to clear PulseAudio user settings databases

rm ~/.config/pulse/*.tdb; systemctl --user restart pulseaudio

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