Pulseaudio Equalizer distorts sound

When i use Pulseaudio Equalizer it distorts the sound, it seems to distort specific songs, perhaps it could be distorting an specific frequency? is there anyway to fix the distortions?

Are there any better alternatives to Pulseaudio or Pulseaudio Equalizer?

A couple of recent posts has good alternatives:

PulseEffect worked but when i change the volume it only changes PulseEffect volume, when i use Pulseaudio Equalizer it’s volume is the same as the speakers and they change simultaneously when i increase or decrease the volume, can i do that with PulseEffect? I need the PulseEffect volume to be the same as the speaker so that i can change the volume in fullscreen games without alt tabbing

I’ve tweaked PulseEffects’s equalizer and it greatly decreased the distortions, is there anything else i can do to reduce the distortions? i’ve already did the tsched=0 thing and it helped a lot, the sound seems to get distorted at high volumes.