Pull usb drive out directly,it will lost the copy file

Hello,friends. i am new to use Manjaro Linux , I got some problem about using usb drive

when i copy file to my usb drive and make sure the file copied complete,if i dont Click safe exit and pull it directly,the file will lost in the next time i use it,but if i click safe exit the drive,the file with exist

i am so sorry to waste ur time by this simple question with my poor english

should i format the usb drive with NTSF or ext4 to solve this problem?

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Regardless of the filesystem, you will lose data if you don’t safely eject the USB stick first.

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The Linux kernel makes use of something called the virtual filesystem layer. What this means is that all I/O operations are conducted through this layer, which exists in memory. This is because direct write access to a physical storage device is always going to be slow and tie up the CPU.

So, if you are writing files to a storage medium, then they are actually written to the virtual filesystem layer, and it is only later, when the CPU is less busy, that the kernel will synchronize the contents of the physical device with the contents of the virtual filesystem layer.

It is therefore important to not yank out your USB stick without safely unmounting it. The safe unmounting process will first flush the write buffers to the physical storage device and then unmount the device from the virtual filesystem layer.

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thanku,i just think it can don’t safely eject as windows10,oh,now i know,what a stupid question

Thanks for the explanation,i got this knowledge now and i think i create a stupid question,should i delete this posts?

no - please don’t

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