Ps5 controller support

Has anyone managed to get a ps5 controller working in a game yet?
I synced via BT, and steam detects it, kde gamepad also shows it.
However I load up broforce, and it doesnt register or work with the game…
IS there something I need to set to allow it to work as an xbox controller?

There is a driver in AUR you could install by:

sudo pacman -Syyu --needed git base-devel dkms yay
sudo pacman -S $(mhwd-kernel -li | grep '*' | cut -d ' ' -f5 | awk '{print $0,"-headers"}' | sed s'/ //'g)
yay -S hid-playstation-dkms
sudo modprobe hid-playstation


In Broforce you have to configure keys for the controller to work.

Kernel 5.12 adds support for the controller. You should update your kernel.

Managed to get it working via steam controller settings.