PS4 controller: The setup of Wireless Controller has failed

When trying to pair a dualshock4 I get a notification of failure. It then shows as paired but when I turn on the controller it stays on for a couple seconds at best. In the brief moment that it is connected it does not show in manjaro’s game controller settings nor in steam’s nor have I been able to get any inputs from the ds4 as far as I can tell. I restarted, updated, reset the controller and tried pairing many times but no luck, and the ds4 works on other devices.

If anyone could provide insight to my predicament I would appreciate it.
Thank you for your time.

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DS4 doesn’t work by Bluetooth, at least for me neither. They do work with a USB cable flawlessly.

It has worked with a macbook, phone, and steam deck via bluetooth. Seems to just work in a lot of cases from what I see online but I couldn’t find anyone with my particular issue.

Are you running 6.1 LTS kernel (or earlier) by any chance? DS4 support was added in 6.2.

I just made an account to comment that I’m having exactly the same issue on my laptop. I have a feeling this is a larger issue, and most likely software because I’ve never had any problems using my DS4 wirelessly in the past. I’m clueless as to what is happening but I’ll try some troubleshooting steps and report back if I have any luck.