Proxies need to set in KDE system settiings, every time on Reboot

Hi Guys,

I have to set my proxies in system settings every time I boot into KDE. it resets on reboot.

Is there any way I can automate the process ?

I am using Privoxy and tor.

Let me know.


Have you consulted the all-knowing-wiki?

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I don’t think there’s any issue with Tor & Privoxy.

They work perfectly fine, its just I need to go to the settings to set the proxies every single time I login.

I had trouble getting those services start on boot but I got them to autostart by editing .config files.

I think, Its an Issue with KDE, I have seen other people having the same issue of settings not saving in KDE system settings.

So you didn’t see the topics - especially the service files you need to enable?

And environment you need to configure either per app or for your user - even systemwide?

Alternatively you can set http_proxy environment variable, which is respected by Firefox, Chromium and other applications:





sudo nano /etc/profile

Edited at the bottom, wrote.

export http_proxy=localhost:8118
export SOCKS_proxy=localhost:9050

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