Provide additional KDE-unstable repo

I noticed that your KDE-unstable repo seems to include very recent git builds.

It is kind of confusing as most distros use the unstable branches for new upstream releases or Release Candidates.

So I have two requests:

  1. Consider a renaming of the repo to kde-git for example.
  2. Could you maybe provide a second repo, which would provide recent releases of KDE?

Advantages I see are:

  1. the testing of packages makes more sense this way, instead of git builds.
  2. there would also be not so many updates.

The kde-unstable branch is meant for development, not for normal use on a production machine.

kde-unstable fits in with the existing naming convention of our main branches; i.e., stable, testing, unstable

You mean the unstable branch? :wink: See Packages | manjaro

Ok, good to know, could also be clarified with a rename and documentation somewhere.

Honestly that can’t be true on multiple levels:

  1. the actual unstable branch includes upstream releases (with some minor exceptions)
  2. “kde-unstable” exists inside of all your stable, testing and unstable repos with some version differences, so it is absolutely a divergence of this principle.
  3. as you are an Arch derivate distro, it is confusing to use the same term “kde-unstable” for something different.

There is a reason many distros provide backport repos :wink:.

I foresee nothing but problems changing the name from unstable to git. Git doesnt have the same warning attached to it that unstable does in the minds of new linux users. Unstable warns people to expect bugs and issues. I can see lots of new linux users using a git repository thinking its safe for all systems. Then the forums swamped with posts on all the bugs and breakages they encounter.