ProtonVPN killswitch not fully functional

So I was torrenting today and when I went to check my vpn I realized that protonvpn was not connected and that killswitch was enabled. the killswitch seemed to work everywhere else but I was wondering if the protonvpn client for manjaro is just poorly made and how I can fix it (ive heard the cli client is more reliable) because I dont want to get throttled by/receive a complaint from my isp. Im going to test whether or not I can torrent with kill switch on unconnected to see if this is just a one time issue. I will report back when I get the results of that test.

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i tried torrenting for a few seconds with killswitch on again and qbitorrent is able to bypass the killswitch for some reason while when I try to browse the internet I cant connect. How do I rectify this and how do i check to ensure that other forms of traffic arent leaving my laptop when killswitch is enabled?

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If I turn the killswitch on, then I loose browsing, e-mail access, and gosh knows what else. However, the local police radio scanner live stream is still functional in the mpv media player.

If I recall correctly, I think I read somewhere some time ago that there’s a problem with the killswitch in the ProtonVPN GUI.

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yeah I just switched to the cli its not actually that difficult to use even for a noob like me. and it uses fewer system resources which god knows I need with my piece of shit $120 computer.

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I switched from connecting directly from network manager to the ProtonVPN GUI to see what it’s like, to test it out. I had used in the past the CLI method and may end up reverting to it, rather than the other two methods.

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Manjaro has no protonvpn client.

All protonvpn packages comes from AUR and is built from protonvpn python packages.

Protonvpn is a paid service - and as such you should contact the provider.


I’m using Kill switch third party extension. This help me more if vpn default option does not work properly.