Proton-GE won't detect Steam installation

I’m trying to install Proton GE from this auto install script: GitHub - die-zuckerschnecke/proton-ge-custom-updater: Simple updater for custom Proton distributions
but somehow it won’t detect my Steam installation, when i execute the script it says:

-> Steam does not seem to be installed as a regular package. No changes were made
–> Steam does not seem to be installed as Flatpak. No changes were made.

Why not just install it from AUR ?

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Don’t know if it will help but i use this and it works for me

It’s looking for the ~/.steam/ symlink to ~/.local/share/Steam/. Have you installed steam-manjaro and opened Steam at least once?

Install scripts like that are just a convenience. If you watch the GitHub releases, you’ll be notified about updates. Just download it and extract it to ~/.local/share/Steam/compatibilitytools.d/.

I have opened Steam many times i am constantly testing my games in Steam Play and Lutris,
I can’t extract to compatibiltytools.d if i try to extract to a subfolder through ark it gives me a warning that i do not have permission, the directory is owned by root and i can’t extract even from Konsole, the Konsole doesn’t give out any errors but when i browse to the destination the folder is not there.

Could it have something to do with the root ownership? I need way to get permission to extract, i need to try Proton GE because most of my games won’t launch in regular Proton making me have to rely on Lutris.

I did but it didn’t even show up in Steam, would i have to install Steam from AUR to make it work? I’m using the native Manjaro version of Steam.

Never run sudo in your $HOME directory.

Yes, that’s why the script can’t find the Steam directory.

This should return the permissions to what they should be unless there’s more damage done. Replace username with yours, 'course:

sudo chown -R username:username /home/username
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That did work thanks for the help.

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