Proton games not working under steam (runtime)

What’s the trick to get proton games running in manjaro? tried every trick from forums, but proton games silently crash, even settin PROTON_LOG variable does not create ANY output, I am quite stumped because proton worked out-of-the boy on any other distro

There is no trick.

There is a trick to get support though, it is to give all the good information to not waste time with the back and forth for basic questions.

Start Steam from the terminal if you want direct output of log too.

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Just activate Steam Proton, under settings and compatibility…:

He wouldn’t have his Proton games installed and being able to start them if he did not enable Proton for all games.

But first things first, we need the basic information before telling him how to fix what we don’t know is broken.

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It could be an issue rather driver/kernel configuration related instead of Steam or Proton related . . .