Proton games launch but will not come to foreground

As the title says, Proton games will launch and I will be able to hear them and interact but there won’t be any video on the screen, the Steam app will still be visible but not clickable until I alt+tab out. It doesn’t do this for every game, and I was able to play a couple yesterday where this is now happening today. Dying Light and Resident Evil (Remaster) are doing this, while Dark Souls III is running perfectly.

Sounds pretty much like this issue?!

Yeah I think that’s the same problem. I tried alt+f2 then ‘r’ and it started working with at least one game. I’m okay if that keeps working! Thank you.

I still have this problem…

Worked for you?

Sometimes. It was working for Resident Evil (remaster), but then Titanfall 2 was having the issue described in my original post, and it seems to have a different solution at different times. Sometimes I can tab back to Steam then tab back to Titanfall. Trying alt+f2 then ‘r’ is a good starting point though.