Proton-bridge says missing keyring

Hi, I’ve installed the Protonmail proton-bridge app from the AUR. It requires a keyring, which I have installed (pass). When I run proton-bridge it says no keyring found, even though I’ve created a gpg key using

gpg --gen-key

and then initialized pass using

pass init <mykeyid>

The key id I used was the one marked

gpg: key blahblahblah marked as ultimately trusted

did I enter the correct value, or am I missing something else. Thanks!

You would need to use the Proton support channel.

Hi, thank you. Does it look like I entered the key in pass correctly?

I don’t know - the proton mail bridge is - to my knowledge - only available when you pay for the service and as such Proton support is the way go.

Closed - not Manjaro related.