ProRealTime: Xdg-open + chromium doesn't open the set up application

I have installed a application called ProRealTime. Apparently, it installs some java stuff locally, and when launched, it opens the browser, to log in on their site, and then the application is executed. This works on firefox but not on Chromium.

Chromium pops up the window “open with xdg-open”, and when clicked, nothing happens. I have checked my system and I have:

$ cat .local/share/applications/ProRealTime.desktop 
[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/home/casa/.IT-Finance/ProRealTime/ProRealTime %u
$ cat .local/share/applications/mimeapps.list 
[Default Applications]
$ cat .local/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache 
[MIME Cache]

I guess that all these was added when installed the application locally. So, in my opinion is well set up, and it drives me crazy that it doesn’t work in chromium with xdg-open.

Although the configuration seems to be ok (to my understanding), I tried to set it up again:

$ sudo xdg-mime default ProRealTime.desktop x-scheme-handler/prorealtimesoftware
$ sudo update-desktop-database

The fact that it is working with firefox leads me to think that there is a problem with xdg-open. Any ideas?

Moderator edit: Topic title edited to reflect the third-party application in use

… leads me to think:
… that firefox is set to be your default browser - to be opened whenever a browser window needs to be opened according to the url you chose?

… you want it to open in Chromium?
set it as the default browser?

what Desktop (KDE, Xfce, …) are you running?
Xfce4, I guess …

the default browser isn’t set via xdg-open … in Xfce4

it has got a setting option for that


will open the pertinent configuration option directly …

It is not an issue about my default browser. Let me clarify:

  1. My default browser is chromium.
  2. When I launch the application, the browser opens (chromium), I click on “open with xdg-open” and click on a “start” button on the website and nothing happens.
  3. At that moment, if I go to firefox, go to the website, log in and click on the “start” button on the website, the applications loads and opens. If I do it skipping step 2, it also works.

My hypothese is: what I have locally is a kind of client, which opens a browser to log in and then connects to the server, and the server launches the application on my computer (or the server asks the client to launch it, I don’t know). So, at the end, it doesn’t matter which browser I use to log in.

In conclusion, xdg is not working with (or finding or whatever) the right application, because firefox uses it own launcher (not xdg).

P.S: I am using kde.


$ python -c "import webbrowser as w;w.open_new('')"

…do anything? Or how about this:

$  python -c "import webbrowser as w;g=w.get('chromium');'', new=1)"

I can’t test the last one since I don’t have Chromium installed. It works with w3m, however.
If both work, it’s “just” a matter of finding why your launcher doesn’t comply. 8)

They both open chromium at manjaro website

This means that your default web browser is Chromium. Try replacing Chromium with “firefox” in the second command.

I know, but what I want is to make it work with Chromium…

A few more ideas.
What if you run Chromium from the Terminal and then navigate to the site and do what you would want to do. Does it spit out any errors on the command line?
If you navigate to that site and do that open with thing, do you get a file downloaded instead?
Under certain circumstances at work (in that Redmond system) while communicating with WMS services (google it if interested), Chrome sometimes refuse to load the resource but instead downloads an XML file. Something like that maybe.
If there is a security setting somewhere, maybe check there? Allowing third party cookies? Extensions/add-ons to disable? Safe-mode?
Or try that… <ptui!> …Edge browser? Also based on Chrome. They might have done something security wise to Chromium that the application you want to run isn’t prepared for.
Use a proxy somewhere and see if that makes any difference?
Okay, I’m done. Good luck! 8)

The output when I run from the terminal is:

Fontconfig error: Cannot load default config file: No such file: (null)
[7430:7430:0227/] Message 0 rejected by interface blink.mojom.WidgetHost
libva error: vaGetDriverNameByIndex() failed with unknown libva error, driver_name = (null)
[7997:7997:0100/] Failed to retrieve vkGetInstanceProcAddr
[7997:7997:0100/] Failed to get vkGetInstanceProcAddr pointer from ANGLE.

No errors that I could identify.

I have also tried other chromium-based browser, with the same result :worried: Thanks in any case

Also tried, checking and unchecking the “remember…”, no difference.

I think that at this point I will surrender: google 1 - me 0

Thanks everybody!