Propose to package DWService for Manjaro, why not also for Arch Linux

Hereby I propose to package DWService, which is one of the best free and open-source remote management software. It has built-in automatic silent updates, which makes it comfortable to use for sysadmins. Also it works regardless of network configuration - behind firewalls, etc. It also has not only remote screen management, but also several other apps: remote CLI, processes/files management, log files viewer, services management. Works in GNU/Linux, macOS, MS Windows. Can be installed also only via CLI, the client side software doesn’t require GUI - so it can be used also for servers and other computers, that has no GUI.

You are free to submit the package to the AUR.

And it needs Python 2.7 :exploding_head:


Only the part running on the client is open-source. The server part is closed source.

Posted also AUR package request. The server might be closed source, but at least client is free and the client will be installed. It is very much community-driven project, as community is also providing servers. I guess therefore, that also server source code is available, although not publicly. I guess this is not the issue, as e.g. also AnyDesk, which is purely closed source project, is already available via AUR.
The old Python might be the issue, but I hope this will not prevent of creating the package. This might be also changed in future.

If the client is open source but the server isn’t, the product is closed source by transitivity.
This is specifically bad because the full trust still relies on the server and the main goal is to give the client (and hence the server) full and total control of my machine(s).

Rant 😅

Having an open client but closed server looks a lot like whitewashing to me. There is nothing that you can do with the client without the server, so it’s useless, but they can claim “we have an open source program”. And don’t forget to call out a “community” that helps with nodes because your business model doesn’t scale. Community servers are even worse because then you don’t even know who’s running you’re connected to.

Did you read, what I wrote? Community is setting up servers. So, it cannot be just closed source, otherwise it won’t be possible to set up servers by community. Yes, there can be strict agreements, etc but in general it is open-source project.

In other hand - purely closed source app AnyDesk is already in AUR and I guess it is not the only one example from closed source apps. Sometimes it is also need to use them.

Looks like also closed source app Teamviewer is in AUR. These are remote management analogs for DWService, fully closed source: both client and server. I would say, that DWService is the most open app in remote management field. Besides, DWService is much better than these two. I won’t say best, as everyone decides, what is best for them, but at least you can freely use DWService with tons of flexibility you can only dream under these proprietary apps, that also are in AUR. So, I won’t see it be a problem.

They claim on their site (emphasis by me):

You can contribute by providing a server where we will install a Node.

Like I said, you’re free to submit and maintain a package of the client to the AUR.

My comment about the closed source server part, has nothing to do with the addition of the client to the AUR.
As long as a license does not prohibit the addition to the AUR, it can be added to the AUR. And even then, there are packages available that requires a local source. Which means it needs to be download separately.
Also the client part is open source. Of course you can’t add the server part, since it is not distributed.

My comment was about your description of DWService . DWService is not an open-source remote management software. Just the so called agent, is open-source.