Proof Read Your Wiki/Documentation Posts

A general call to all Wiki/Docs editors and posters to re-read (or, proof read) your Wiki/Docs content and/or edits before merrily skipping along the road to your next great adventure. That is all.

Please update the following commands to install Flatpak and Snap support for Pamac – I mean, just go ahead, try to use either of these commands in their present state (at the time of writing):

  • pamac install libpamac-flatpack-plugin
  • pamac install libbpamac-snap-plugin

Notice anything … not quite right, hm?


Somebboddyy was in a hurryyy. :sweat_smile:


and no --as-deps :sob:

Document is posted on Manjaro website, so topic has been moved from Wiki category

Notice anything … not quite right, hm?

One too many bees in someone’s bonnet about a typographical error

Two in succession; and in commands given as instruction. Would you suggest it should just be ignored? Typographical errors are common; just look at most any post within this forum; possibly mine; possibly yours.

In forums, no doubt these mistakes are tolerable; in official documentation, if one immediately knows a command given is mistyped, or incomplete, one can read through it; should it not be corrected for the sake of those without that foresight?

I know that if I made the same mistake – or was given incorrect information and then published it without checking its accuracy – I’d certainly appreciate being notified.

In fact, one such instance occurred only yesterday; and I thank the User for - however inadvertently - bringing it to my attention.

Stick that under your bonnet. Save the bees.

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That’s definitely not the proper attitude if someone shows you pretty stupid error in an official tutorial, @nikgnomic Just inform the one who is responsible for the website, maybe @romangg
On the bright side, at least those commands just won’t work. It could be something destructive.

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spelling error in document section (#138) · Issues · WEB / · GitLab

This is having a c in flatpack

pamac install libpamac-flatpack-plugin

Should be

pamac install libpamac-flatpak-plugin

This one has one too many bees bb in libbpamac

pamac install libbpamac-snap-plugin

should be

pamac install libpamac-snap-plugin