Programs forget paths from Other locations after reboot

Hi guys.
Sorry, if the problem already is on the forum - I tried to find a solution in Google first but seems I cannot formulate my problem good.

I provide a path from other discs/partitions for my programs (we can see them in the “Other locations” in the File application). For example, I use SmartGit client and provide a path to my repo, that situated on another disc. All work as expected, until the reboot. After the reboot, SmartGit says “Cannot find the repo with this path”. And I need manually connect it every time.

Also, I have the same problem in Unity, when I provide a path to Rider IDE, that located in the root (root is also situated in the “Other locations”).

Does anybody has the same problem and found the solution?

My system: Manjaro 20.2, Gnome

This is not a problem, it is a feature. When you access your drives from “Other locations”, nautilus mounts the drive you click. When you reboot, the drive is no longer mounted. If you want to drive to be mounted at boot, put it on your fstab or make a systemd unit to mount it:

If you want to make it permanently mounted using a gui, use gnome-disks:
right click the partition you want to mount

press the switch to edit the option

Make sure that the first checkbox is checked