Programs can't open Nemo

I have a few Programs, that have a Button, that should open a foulder, but they don’t. The Buttons are just doing nothing. I’m using Manjaro Cinnamon with Nemo.

I’m not certain what application this issue pertains too. Need more info.

  • Name a specific program so the forum community can help. Without it, we are just guessing.

  • 99.9% of the time in an application, when a user hovers over a control there will be a popup help tooltip. When you hover over “this button” do you get any text. If so, what is it?

Are you saying that when you click a “button” in “this Program” that Nemo should open with a specifc folder expanded?

Purely a guess, but could it be mime-type file associations.

Do you have any other problems with Nemo? Does it open OK by itself?

I’ve been having some problems with it lately, but haven’t pinned it down. Might be an issue after resuming from suspend.